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The Pros of Aerial Imagery in Haiti

Haiti Drone Services

The Pros of Aerial Imagery in Haiti

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Established in 2015, Haiti Drone Services - HDS is committed to innovation, excellence and sustainability. HDS's mission is to introduce remote sensing technologies through low-level aerial observation in Haiti. 

These technologies have diverse uses ranging from aerial photography to cartography in the fields of agriculture, environment and construction. 

Since its creation, HDS has established partnerships and international alliances with pioneers in the sector to provide tailored and sustainable solutions to its customers to make informed decisions.


Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide our clients with reliable, valuable, and accurate data, using the most advanced arial and under water intelligence platform, for informed decision-making.

We are committed to improve our services to bring a better world environment.


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Haiti Drone Services is the nation’s leading drone service company with unmatched capabilities and a history of providing solutions that maximize efficiency and results.


Certification # 3931650

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