Make smarter decisions about farm management. Haiti Drone Services will convert aerial data into models and business intelligence. Using science and technology to collect, order and analyze information to improve agricultural decision making, generating a positive impact on the cost efficiency and inputs, such as agrochemicals and water...

Precision Agriculture

Plant Health Indices


Assess and monitor plant health throughout the season by producing a general index of live green vegetation

Plant Counting and Yield Prediction


Generate plant counts and forecast yield based on surveys of row-based plants

Advanced Plant Health Indices


Assess canopy variation in biomass or detect plant stress in mid-to-late growth stages

Scouting Report


Get a snapshot of our field or forest survey's in a single-page report

Identify Individual Tree Crowns


Assess tree crown health, diameter, and mean vegetation index values

Canopy Cover Mapping


Track the progression of your field or forest by measuring how much of the area is covered with vegetation